Cryptography -- You have the right to remain private

... so why don't you seize that right today? Attempts to gain access to your personal data on behalf of governmental agencies as well as the corporates become more insolent by the hour; your only line of defence in this war is strong cryptography without backdoors. The question here is not whether you actually have anything to hide (or think you do/don't), the question is whether you will allow the bastards to violate your privacy like a sheep or fight for your privacy as befits a citizen of the so-called "free world". So why not start today with a GnuPG key which will allow you to put your email in a titanium-grade envelope?

This page is under construction and will eventually cover GnuPG as well as cryptographic filing systems on Linux using the cryptoloop extension. For the time being the main purpose of this page is to publish two very handy scripts to use with the cryptoloop.

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