Contacting me by email

Naturally you could just click the link below and send me an email, but unless you honour some well-established conventions from the happy days before Bill Gates heard about the Internet your chances of getting a reply are pretty slim. It's really sad one has to list these things which used to go without saying...

If you agree with these conventions, you're welcome to contact me under the address in the image below; if you don't want any nosy scumbag reading what you write, get GNUPG and my public key (remember to include your own public key in your mail or I won't be able to reply in a secure manner).

If you prefer not to conform to these elementary conventions: this is my page and you can bugger off and play with the other village idiots.

Due to the recent virus mailbombings, I will no longer put my email address in a machine-readable form on my website or any other part of the public internet. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but given the choice between getting 100MB of virus spam a day and forcing people to type in my address manually, it's fingers-to-the-keyboard time for you. If you have a problem with that, complain to Microsoft, whose insecure software and retarded users are responsible for this unfortunate turn of events.

So here goes (OK, it's not pretty, but so what...?)

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