Irrational stupidity

Lies, damn lies, collossal lies... and religion

As you'll probably have guessed by the title, I'm an atheist. Not the lame, wishy-washy "oh, I wish I could believe in something like you do" kind of atheist either, but more the "how can grown men believe in such utter nonsense" variant. Like most people in the western world I didn't start out as an atheist but ended up in the catholic church because that happened to be my parents' faith; actually, I probably was an atheist even back at that time because I can neither remember seeing the whole thing as anything but the dullest of chores, let alone actually believing in all that theist drivel. So when I had gotten old enough to decide for myself I did some thinking in order to find out whether there was anything of worth there I hadn't been able to see beneath the layers and layers of boredom but couldn't think of anything. Actually, the more I thought about it, the more I came to the conclusion that it's not just that christianity doesn't do anything for me but that I'm actually highly disgusted with the whole thing -- meaning not just the Old Testament's glorification of stupidity, genocide and mass-rape, but also the New Testament's glorification of stupidity, weakness and herd mentality. Not even mentioning the endless stream of completely unsubstantiated claims on behalf of christianity, most of which unfortunately happen to be diametrically opposite to what the history books tell us. Let's have a look at some of these gems (most of them apply not just to christianity but in equal terms to similar belief systems; minor details may differ, but on the whole it's a case of "same shit, different colour"): "So atheism is the answer?" No, because that kind of question reveals you're thinking in the wrong categories. Atheism is not about providing answers but about facing facts. Atheism is about taking the answers science can provide, and for areas where science can't provide an answer (yet) accept that there are no answers rather than lowering your standards by accepting bizarre assertions involving supernatural beings which defy any reason or logic. Atheism is about believing what is likely rather than what some think would be nice. If your main concern is getting answers, regardless of their qualifications, you're barking up the wrong tree.

Last updated 9 Aug 2009.

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